About our store

Aucott & Thomas have been selling books by post since 1995, and are members of the Independent Booksellers Network Ltd. We are based at 57 High Street, Ibstock, Leicestershire, LE67 6LH, United Kingdom.


Jacquie Aucott & Roger Thomas


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Searching our stock

The easy way is to use the 'Browse by category' link, but please note that each book will only be listed under a single category, so if you can't find what you are looking for you can widen the search by using keywords.

Lists of books in most areas of interest can be generated by selecting the 'keywords' button in the 'Quick search' function on the left of the screen, and then typing an appropriate search term in the box and clicking 'search'.

For example, 'fiction' will match all fiction titles, which could be further narrowed down by searching for modern fiction, crime fiction, science fiction, childrens fiction etc.

Similarly 'music' will match all music books, but you can narrow this by putting Folk music, rock music, pop music, classical music or jazz music.


Value Added Tax

Our VAT registration number is GB800236090. Books are zero-rated in the United Kingdom.